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ashley flower net worth

Ashley Flowers Net worth: Ashley Flowers deeply admired iconic literary characters like Nancy Drew and devoured the mystery and detective novels penned by the renowned Agatha Christie. These captivating stories ignited her imagination and sparked an interest in crime and mysteries.

Ashley Flowers developed a passion for solving mysteries from a young age through her fascination with Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie’s novels. Her exceptional skills and dedication led to significant contributions in the field.

Overall, Ashley Flowers’ childhood love for mystery novels and her subsequent achievements in genetics research have shaped her journey as a passionate crime-solver and driven researcher.

Television significantly influenced Ashley’s upbringing, mainly through shows like “Columbo.” This American crime drama series featured the character of Columbo, a homicide detective known for his unique investigative methods. Watching this series solidified Ashley’s ambition to become a detective and dedicate her life to unravelling complex crime cases.

Personal Life of Ashley Flowers

Ashley Flowers childhood was filled with a fascination for mystery and detective stories, driven by her love for characters like Nancy Drew and the thrilling novels of Agatha Christie. Ashley Flowers’ passion for crime-solving was nurtured by her love for mystery novels and the television series “Columbo.” Watching the show sparked her aspirations to become a detective and create a meaningful impact within the realm of criminal justice.

ashley flowers net worth

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After completing her undergraduate education, Ashley ventured into genetics research. Ashley Flowers’ childhood fascination with crime-solving, inspired by “Columbo,” and her pursuit of genetics research at the University of Notre Dame have profoundly influenced her aspirations, fueling her determination to make a difference in crime-solving and scientific exploration. However, she eventually transitioned into the realm of medical sales and software sales, exploring new professional avenues.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Ashley Flowers actively contributed to the Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana as a valuable Board Member of Directors. Notably, she played a crucial role in engaging with millennials and Gen Z, bringing a fresh and youthful perspective to the organization.

Ashley was entrusted with connecting with the younger audience through her involvement, showcasing her ability to bridge generational gaps. As part of her efforts, she hosted a popular radio show segment where she reported on different crime cases and raised awareness about the organization. This segment became a major hit, garnering significant attention and becoming a favourite among listeners.

Inspired by the success and impact of her radio show, Ashley Flowers decided to venture further into her true passion. On December 17, 2017, she launched “Crime Junkie,” a highly acclaimed and widely popular weekly true-crime podcast. With each episode, Ashley captivated audiences with her storytelling prowess, diving into compelling and intriguing real-life crime stories.

Combining her academic background, sales experience, and genuine interest in crime-solving, Ashley Flowers found her true calling in podcasting and true crime. Through her podcast, she continues to captivate and engage listeners, satisfying her passion for solving mysteries while providing an enthralling and immersive experience for her dedicated audience.

After the tremendous success of Crime Junkie, Ashley Flowers established her own podcast network, Audiochuck, in honour of her cherished companion, Charlie, her dog. Initially, Audiochuck operated on a modest scale, with Ashley recording podcasts from her home office. Assisting her in the early stages was her brother, David Flowers, who played a pivotal role in editing the episodes.

Over time, Audiochuck has blossomed into an acclaimed podcast network renowned for its focus on female hosts in the true crime genre. The network has garnered numerous accolades for its unique content and dedication to amplifying diverse voices within the industry.

An extraordinary milestone for Audiochuck came when Ashley Flowers negotiated a groundbreaking multiyear deal with SiriusXM. The deal, rumoured to exceed $100 million in value, firmly established the network’s position and opened up exciting opportunities for further growth and development.

As of May 2023, Audiochuck’s podcast network comprises 16 shows comprising a wide range of gripping, authentic crime narratives. While Ashley continues to host her flagship programs, Crime Junkie and The Deck, other network podcasts have also experienced astounding success. Notably, series such as Anatomy of Murders, counter clock, and Park Predators have all made sensational debuts at the top of the Apple podcast charts.

Ashley Flowers has transformed Audiochuck into an industry powerhouse through her entrepreneurial drive and commitment to captivating storytelling. The network’s emphasis on elevating female hosts and delivering compelling content has garnered a devoted global audience, cementing Audiochuck’s prominent position in the podcasting landscape.

What is the Ashley Flowers Net Worth?

Ashley Flowers has made a name for herself as the beloved host of the top-rated Crime Junkie podcast.


Since its launch in 2017, the show has consistently dominated the podcast charts, amassing 953 million downloads.

Riding the wave of Crime Junkie’s success, Ashley Flowers established her award-winning independent media and podcast production company, Audiochuck Podcast Network. This network prides itself on being female-centred, offering various scripted and unscripted shows within the crime genre. Audiochuck has become synonymous with premium content spanning multiple genres, including true crime, comedy, and fiction.

Within the Audiochuck network, Ashley Flowers wears many hats as a talented host. Alongside the chart-topping Crime Junkie, she leads other captivating programs such as Something Was Wrong, Strangeland, Red Ball, and Full Body Chill. Her dynamic on-air partnership with childhood friend Brittany Prawat, aka Brit Prawat, adds a unique touch to Crime Junkie. Notably, Brit Prawat’s background as a former private investigator brings an insightful perspective to the show.

Expanding their podcast offerings, Ashley and her team introduced Morbid: A True Crime Podcast in May 2018, which further solidified their impact in the genre. Additionally, Audiochuck has seen tremendous success with other chart-toppers like Counterclock, Park Predators, and Anatomy of Murders, all of which made their debut at number one on the Apple podcast charts.

In a significant collaboration, Ashley Flowers joined forces with Parcast in June 2021 to create and host exclusive podcasts on Spotify. International Infamy is Notable among these collaborations, a gripping series exploring notorious crimes worldwide. Another remarkable achievement was Very Presidentials with Ashley Flowers, which immediately claimed the number-one spot on the podcast charts.

Ashley Flowers’ unwavering expertise, dedication, and collaborative ventures have solidified her position as a true luminary in the podcasting industry. The success of Crime Junkie and the remarkable growth of Audiochuck Podcast Network have garnered widespread acclaim, making Ashley a beloved figure among true crime enthusiasts and podcast lovers alike.


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