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Brent Spiner Dating: Brent Spiner, born in the Baby Boomers Generation, has the zodiac animal Ox, representing dedication and responsibility. Oxen are known for their strong work ethic and unwavering commitment, even in the face of challenges. While not particularly romantic, they possess patience and respect, avoiding imposing themselves on others. Their reserved nature may make them enigmatic to some, but when pushed too far, their emotions can erupt like a powerful explosion.

Born on February 2, Brent Spiner’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, symbolized by the water bearer, embodies innovation, progressiveness, and a bold, revolutionary spirit. They are motivated by a strong sense of humanity and work to improve the world. Aquarians are frequently regarded as champions of compassion and social healers due to their emphasis on social fairness and dedication to change.


Brent Spiner’s dating and acting journey began in high school at Bellaire High School in Bellaire, Houston. Graduating in 1968, he nurtured his passion for acting and went on to gain experience in Broadway and off-Broadway theater roles.

brent spiner-dating

In 1974, Brent attended Trinity College but chose to prioritize his acting career, leaving his studies incomplete. Nevertheless, he continued to pursue his passion and forge a successful path in the acting industry.

Dating Life

Brent Spiner dating and relationship status is more complex than usual. Despite claims on certain websites that Loree McBride is his wife, Brent himself has clarified that he is not married to his longtime partner, Loree. During a 2008 radio interview with Dave Rabbit, Brent disclosed that he and Loree were not married, though they have been in a long-term relationship. The exact timeline of their partnership remains unknown, but they are still together. They are also parents to their son, Jackson Spiner, who was born on June 29th, 2002.

Dating Rumors about Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner dating history has had at least four relationships, but specific details about his past partners and breakups remain largely undisclosed. Like many celebrities, Brent has managed to maintain a private personal life, leaving us intrigued by the mysteries surrounding his romantic endeavors.

brent spiner-dating

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 Brent Spiner has never been engaged. He has been in relationships with Terry Farrell in 1992, Elizabeth Greene in 1984, and Swoosie Kurtz in 1978. It’s crucial to note, though, that details about his dating past are constantly updated and modified. According to surveys, 40% of males declare their love during the first month of a relationship.

On average, men take around 90 days to say those three words, while women typically take approximately 134 days. Additionally, Brent Spiner is a proud parent to one child, though further details remain undisclosed.

Brent Spiner Current Dating Status

Brent Spiner dating the 74-year-old American actor, appreciates his privacy and prefers to keep his personal life private. Although information regarding celebrity relationships can change over time, it is crucial to note that our records show he is married to Loree McBride. Given his inclination for privacy, specific details about Brent Spiner’s current marital status may be limited or undisclosed.

Conclusion of Brent Spiner Dating

Brent Spiner dating famous for portraying Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation, released “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back,” an album in 1991. Inspired by Frank Sinatra’s “Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back,” the title cleverly refers to Spiner’s use of yellow contact lenses while playing Data.

“Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” highlights Spiner’s musical talents and offers a delightful collection of 1940s-style pop songs. Although the album did not achieve significant commercial success, it has garnered a devoted cult following among both Spiner fans and enthusiasts of vintage music.


Q: Has Brent Spiner played other notable roles besides Data?

 A: Yes, Brent Spiner has appeared in various film and television projects. Some notable roles include Dr. Brackish Okun in Independence Day and its sequel, as well as multiple characters in the comedy series Night Court.

Q: Does Brent Spiner pursue music as well? 

A: Yes, Brent Spiner released an album called “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” in 1991, showcasing his musical talents with a collection of 1940s-style pop songs.

Q: Is Brent Spiner currently married? 

A: Detailed information about Brent Spiner’s current marital status is not widely available. However, according to records up until September 2021, he was reported to be married to Loree McBride.

Q: How many children does Brent Spiner have?

 A: Brent Spiner has one child named Jackson Spiner, born on June 29, 2002.


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