Dave Kindig Car Collection: A Symphony of Automotive Artistry

Dave Kindig Car Collection thewrits.com

Dave Kindig Car Collection: Dave Kindig, the visionary proprietor and pioneer behind Kindig-It Configuration, has gathered inescapable recognition for his unique custom vehicle plans and faultless craftsmanship. With a sharp eye for detail and an unwavering energy for making unique vehicles, Kindig has amassed a dazzling assortment of vehicles that exemplify his unparalleled inventiveness and mastery. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of Dave Kindig and explore some of the great cars that grace his ownership.

The Iconic 1939 General Motors Futurliner

The GM Futurliners were a gathering of custom vehicles, styled during the 1940s by Harley Lord for General Engines, and indispensable to the organization’s Motorcade of Progress — a North American voyaging show advancing future vehicles and technologies. Having prior utilized eight custom Streamliners from 1936 to 1940.

Among Dave Kindig’s prized possessions stands the legendary 1939 General Motors Futurliner—a true crown jewel in his car collection. Initially crafted for the prestigious “Parade of Progress” exhibit, only 12 breathtaking vehicles were produced. Restored to its former glory by Kindig’s skilled team, the Futurliner exudes timeless elegance with its sleek lines, dazzling chrome accents, and imposing presence, affirming Kindig’s unwavering commitment to preserving automotive history.

The Mesmerizing Copper Caddy

A true testament to the unrivalled craftsmanship of Kindig-It Design, the Copper Caddy— a custom 1960 Cadillac Coupe DeVille—stands as another masterful creation in Dave Kindig’s collection. Showcasing exquisite attention to detail and meticulous design, the Copper Caddy boasts a distinct copper finish, bespoke body modifications, and an interior that exemplifies luxury at its finest. Garnering countless accolades and awards at prestigious car shows, this exceptional vehicle solidifies its place as one of Kindig’s most iconic creations.

Dave Kindig Car Collection thewrits.com

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The Legendary 1958 Lincoln Continental “Maybellene”

Lincoln Continentals were the limousine and town vehicles of 1959 to 1960. Just 83 limousines and 214 town vehicles exist from this time, meaning they come at an exorbitant cost label today.

Inspired by the legendary Chuck Berry song, the 1958 Lincoln Continental “Maybellene” epitomizes automotive artistry. Under Kindig’s expert craftsmanship, this vehicle underwent a complete metamorphosis, emerging as an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Characterized by its lowered profile, customized body enhancements, and vibrant red exterior, the Maybelline captures attention wherever it roams. From its flawless execution to its impeccable finishing touches, this vehicle exemplifies Kindig’s unwavering dedication to precision.

The Nostalgic 1962 Volkswagen Double-Door Bus

Adding a touch of nostalgia to his collection, Dave Kindig acquired a 1962 Volkswagen Double-Door Bus, meticulously restoring it to its former glory. Exuding charm and character, this classic VW showcases Kindig’s ability to revive vintage vehicles with a modern twist. The Double-Door Bus epitomizes Kindig’s unique ability to breathe new life into cherished classics with a captivating blue and white exterior, enhanced suspension, and a tastefully customized interior.

Dave Kindig Car Collection thewrits.com

The Unforgettable 1968 Boss Mustang

A true muscle car enthusiast, Dave Kindig couldn’t resist the allure of the 1968 Boss Mustang, an enduring symbol of American automotive excellence. Merging classic aesthetics with modern performance enhancements, this exceptional vehicle underwent a comprehensive restoration. The result is a harmonious blend of power and style, a testament to Kindig’s expertise in marrying cutting-edge technology with timeless design.

Conclusion Of Dave Kindig Car Collection

Dave Kindig’s car collection transcends mere vehicles and stands as an embodiment of automotive artistry. With each car he owns, Kindig showcases his unparalleled ability to blend innovation, precision craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail seamlessly. From his passion for restoring historical classics to his talent for creating awe-inspiring custom builds, Dave Kindig continues to leave an indelible mark on the automotive world. As his collection grows, one can only anticipate the future masterpieces that will emerge from the hallowed confines of the


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