Hapyhipi Net worth and Earnings

Hapyhipi Net Worth: The Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of a company, bringing extensive experience in investment management and financial leadership. Previously, he held key roles at Prudential and MetLife. From 2012 to 2018, Schmidt served as Prudential’s Head of Global Portfolio Management, overseeing asset and liability portfolios for Retirement and Group Insurance. Before that, at MetLife, he was the Chief Financial Officer for the Individual Business and led the Wealth Strategy Group. With a 25-year tenure at MetLife, Schmidt held various positions, including Head of Portfolio Management, Structured Finance, and Government Securities. Timothy L. Schmidt’s expertise significantly contributes to his current Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer role.

Personal Life of Hapyhipi

Timothy Schmidt is married to Christine Wheeler, who goes by the Instagram handle @misshippi_66. Alongside the cars, Christine is a consistent presence on his page. Personal Life of Hapyhipi She is not just a supportive partner but also shares the same passion for cars, making her an equally enthusiastic car enthusiast.


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According to the SEC’s Form 4, Timothy L. Schmidt has made over three trades of Prudential stock since 2019. On February 14, 2020, he exercised 6,070 units of PRU stock valued at $494,644. His largest trade was on February 9, 2019, exercising 8,658 units of Prudential stock worth over $705,540. On average, Timothy has traded around 4,095 units every 93 days since 2019. As of February 14, 2020, he still holds at least 24,598 units of Prudential stock.

Timothy Schmidt carries on the car enthusiast legacy passed down by his father. He began his automotive journey as a child by collecting Hot Wheels, just like many other kids. However, his Personal Life of Hapyhipi and passion for cars extends beyond toys. Timothy’s love for automobiles also encompasses license plates, which he has amassed a collection of in his garage. His diverse automotive interests are evident in his fascination with cars and license plates.

Net worth of Hapyhipi

Net worth of Hapyhipi is estimated at least $2 million as of February 14, 2020. He owns over 6,070 units of Prudential stock worth more than $2,004,491. During the past four years, he has not sold any PRU stock. He does not receive a salary as Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at Prudential.

Wealth dependency of Hapyhipi

Wealth dependency of Hapyhipi, Timothy Schmidt owns a 200-acre property in Ontario, Canada, and a winter residence in Florida. His remarkable collection of automobiles is spread across these two locations, with his garage showcasing an array of vibrant colors and exotic models that would Wealth dependency of Hapyhipi captivate any car enthusiast. A glimpse of his social media handle, such as Hapy Hipi, reveals an extensive display of luxury and supercars.


While the cars steal the spotlight, Timothy’s captions are concise, using tags and hashtags to convey the personal significance of each vehicle.

In 2019, a devastating fire ravaged Timothy Schmidt’s property in Rio Vista, Florida. Tragically, the fire claimed several prized possessions, including a Bentley, Tesla, Harley Davidson motorcycle, jet skis, and golf carts. His estimated $1.7 million house and beloved car collection also sustained significant damage. This unfortunate event serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the heartbreaking losses that can occur.

Timothy Schmidt’s properties in Ontario, Canada, and Florida house, his remarkable collection of automobiles showcasing his unwavering passion for cars. The garage in these locations is captivating, adorned with an impressive array of vibrant colors and exotic models that would leave any car enthusiast in awe. Timothy’s social media accounts, such as HapyHipi, offer a tantalizing glimpse into his world of automotive luxury, featuring meticulously curated posts with concise captions that convey the essence and significance of each vehicle.

Unfortunately 2019, a devastating fire struck his property in Rio Vista, Florida, resulting in the loss of several cherished cars. Even after the unfortunate fire incident, Timothy Schmidt’s unwavering love for cars drives him to rebuild and expand his collection. His passion brings him immense personal joy and serves as a testament to his deep appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship behind these extraordinary machines. With an unwavering commitment to automotive excellence, Timothy’s determination fuels his ongoing pursuit of building a remarkable car collection.


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