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Sherman Hemsley Net Worth: Sherman Hemsley, an American actor, had a significant impact with his notable performances, particularly as George Jefferson in the television series “All in the Family” and its spinoff, “The Jeffersons.” The programs became more well-known after receiving Emmy nominations and the NAACP Image Award. Hemsley’s ability to play a variety of characters included those of Deacon Ernest Frye in “Amen” and B.P. Richfield in “Dinosaurs.”


Sherman Hemsley’s career began with a local group in Philadelphia before he joined the Negro Ensemble Company in New York City. He later worked with the Urban Art Company of Vinnette Carroll, appearing in various productions. Hemsley made his Broadway debut in “Purlie.”

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In 1971, Norman Lear offered Hemsley a role in the sitcom “All in the Family” as George Jefferson, but he initially hesitated. After two years, he joined the cast alongside Isabel Sanford. The show became a massive success, running for 11 seasons. Hemsley’s portrayal earned him nominations and awards.

Hemsley continued to work steadily after the show’s cancellation, taking on roles similar to George Jefferson. He also appeared in the sitcom “Amen” and made guest appearances in various programs and commercials.

Sherman Hemsley’s talent extended beyond television, as he made notable forays into voice acting and film. His reprisal of the beloved character George Jefferson in “House of Payne” further cemented his legacy and resonated with audiences. Sherman Hemsley’s remarkable performances and memorable characters continue to be celebrated worldwide, solidifying his status as an enduring icon in the entertainment industry.

Earning Source of Sherman Hemsley

His five-season run as widowed deacon Ernest Frye in the NBC sitcom “Amen” and voicing Triceratops Bradley P. Richfield in the ABC puppet sitcom “Dinosaurs” demonstrated his versatility.

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Sherman Hemsley net worth continued to make an impression on viewers in the 1990s by making noteworthy cameos on episodes like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Designing Women,” “Burke’s Law,” “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” and “Sister, Sister.” Later on, he played the lead in the UPN comedy “Goode Behaviour” and appeared frequently in the ABC comedy “The Hughleys.”

In the 21st century,  Sherman Hemsley’s television appearances became less frequent but noteworthy, including the Disney Channel Original Movie “Up, Up and Away” and the series “Clunkers.” He also joined the cast of VH1’s reality series “The Surreal Life.”

Sherman Hemsley’s memorable roles and versatile performances solidified his place in television history, making him a celebrated figure in the industry.

What is the Net Worth of Sherman Hemsley?

Sherman Hemsley’s net worth extended beyond television, leaving a lasting impression on the film business with parts in films including “Ghost Fever,” “Mr. Nanny,” and “Screwed.” His premature death at the age of 74 in El Paso, Texas, left a vacuum in the entertainment world. 

However, his reputation as a versatile and prominent actor in both television and movies will be remembered and loved. However, his exceptional acting skills and priceless contributions to both television and movies will always be cherished and honored.

Conclusion of Sherman Hemsley 

Due to a substantial $1 million loan and an unpaid tax debt of over $15,500 to the IRS, Sherman Hemsley filed for bankruptcy in 1999. This period presented challenges as he dealt with the financial repercussions of the film’s failure and worked towards finding solutions to overcome his monetary difficulties. 

Sherman Hemsley’s resilience prevailed as he raised the funds needed to withdraw his bankruptcy application. Embracing a modest lifestyle, he found contentment in his humble $150,000 home in El Paso, Texas. Despite financial hurdles, Hemsley’s remarkable talent and profound impact on the entertainment industry remain widely celebrated and cherished.


Q: Did Sherman Hemsley face financial difficulties?

 A: Yes, Sherman Hemsley encountered financial challenges and filed for bankruptcy in 1999 due to a $1 million loan and a tax bill of approximately $15,500 owed to the IRS.

Q: What contributed to Sherman Hemsley’s financial troubles?

 A: Sherman Hemsley’s investment in the film “Ghost Fever,” which performed poorly at the box office, impacted his financial situation and contributed to his difficulties.

Q: How did Sherman Hemsley overcome his financial problems? 

A: Sherman Hemsley sold the rights to his residuals to address his financial obligations. Eventually, he raised enough funds to settle his debts and withdrew the bankruptcy filing.


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